Herbal supplements for brain and memory

Published: 11th February 2011
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Brain is wider than sky and all the cognitive function is controlled by the brain. Brain is a very complex organ which requires lots of energy, proper flow of blood to carry nutrients to different cells of the brain and anti oxidants that can destroy the free radicals which otherwise may damage brain cells. It is important to have proper brain and memory power at all ages. Several vitamins and herbal supplements have been known for ages to increase the brain and memory power. Some of the common herbal supplements known to increase the brain and memory power are having Vitamin B, Anti oxidants and several herbs in it.

Ginkgo Biloba is a common herbal supplement for brain and memory. Ginkgo extracts have been approved by German Health Authorities for degenerative dementia; a term to indicate the gradual loss of brain and memory function with age. One of the common causes for loss of brain and memory is insufficient supply of blood to the brain. In several studies, Herbal supplements like Ginkgo are known to increase the ability of the brain to use the glucose level which increases the short term memory. One should take Ginkgo herbal supplements in the daily dosage of 120 mg to 240mg.

Amla or Indian Gooseberry is another herbal supplement for brain and memory. Amla herbal supplements nourish the brain and mental functioning. Amla is known to support the nervous system, strengthens the senses and thereby increasing the brain and memory power. The three important function of memory is acquisition, retention and recall. Herbal supplements containing Amla increases all the three. Amla being a powerful antioxidant scavenges the brain cells from free radicals.

One of the major healthcare expenditure related to Alzheimer in USA alone in 2008 was approx. USD 100 billion. The onset of Alzheimer’s can be delayed by taking herbal supplements for brain and memory with Ginkgo, Amla and Vit.B complex as main ingredient. This can lead to substantial savings for the country. Herbal supplements vitamins are known for stimulating the brain and can have beneficial effect on brain and memory power, mental alertness and concentration of the brain. Some of these herbal supplements for brain and memory are necessary for brain deterioration and preventing memory loss. Choline which is an essential nutrient to form Acetylcholine is an important neurotransmitter. These neurotransmitters prevent memory loss and improve brain and memory function. One should take herbal supplements having most of the nutrients in one so as to have combined effect of all from one.

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